You know them, they are :- Account registration emails. Order confirmations. Cart abandonment emails. Password resets.

We’re all familiar with these emails that enter our inboxes; they’re called ‘transactional’ emails or ‘system auto-triggered’ emails sent by the websites or apps of products and services we interact with.

Recently, our customers have been asking for a way to use the same tools they use for marketing campaigns to manage the content of these transactional emails. We’re so excited to announce our new Transactional Email for Marketers to do just that!

Companies send billions of these transactional emails every month and they contain some of the most valuable information for customers so it’s no surprise that their open rates are eight times higher than marketing emails. Marketers have historically had no access to the content, branding, or performance of these emails because they live in their website or app code. These emails are often built by developers and updating these emails isn’t high on the priority list.

So when building our transactional email service, we wanted to make sure that marketers could:

  • manage the branding and design with our drag-and-drop email builder
  • optimize these emails for every inbox or device
  • get complete visibility into how these emails are performing with real-time reporting


We think it’s a huge opportunity for marketers to now truly own emails across every communication that companies have with their customers, from targeted email campaigns, to automated emails, and now transactional emails too.

This new transactional email service is now included for all customers on monthly plans with HUB4 Mail® . For more information, check our new Transactional Email Guide for Marketers on best practices and how to get started.